60mm Spring Hangers – Centre, Front, Rear

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60mm Hangers Center Front Rear Hangers

60mm Hangers to suit 60mm springs, including centre hangers for rocker roller, slipper suspension and standard tandem suspension.

  • Rocker roller – Front | Centre | Rear
  • Standard Tandem – Front | Centre | Rear
  • Outback – Front | Rear Dumbjack
  • Slipper – Front | Rear Keeper

Source: Swift Caravan Services

How do I correctly position the centre rocker hanger?

This rule of thumb solution is not foolproof. Boat trailers, car trailers and caravans all have different centres of weight.

The general rule is to measure the box section of our rig. Exclude the drawbar.

The 2:1 / feet: inches rule is as follows:

  1. Measure the box section area. (use 20 feet for an example)
  2. 20 feet divide by 2 = 10 feet.
  3. Call 10 feet, inches.
  4. So your hanger sits 10″ backwards of the centre.

How do I correctly position front and rear hangers?

Rocker Roller

  • Install the centre hanger.
  • Bolt the rocker arm onto the centre hanger.
  • Bolt the front and rear hangers onto springs.
  • Stretch rear spring as far as it will go and install a G Clamp, then tack.
  • Repeat for the front spring.
  • The springs are now correctly installed, finish welding.

Further, Al-ko rocker roller springs are also available by calling our sales team on 0733483822.

How to install Al-ko Rocker Roller springs hangers.

Outback Springs

The spring length is 841mm. Weld the eye to eye spring hangers @ 876mm.

Purchase associated parts here.

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 60mm Spring Hangers – Centre, Front, Rear and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

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60mm Hangers

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