Single Rocker Roller Spring – Galvanised

Single Rocker Roller Spring – Galvanised


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Single Rocker Roller Spring

Galvanised single rocker roller springs are 60mm wide.

If there is a choice of Dacroment or Galvanised springs, this choice is yours. Why choose galvanised springs?

  • The rating of a Galvanised spring is calculated by depressing the spring camber after the galvanising process.
  • Dacromet springs can be scratched, accident and rust. Galvanised springs are less prone to scratching from sticks and stones.

Enjoy this Great article on spring choices.

Boat galvanised rocker roller springs are 60mm wide, suitable for tandem axles and one of the best investments for your suspension system.

How so? Well, 60mm springs twist less, are more robust, withstand shock loading events like potholes, railway lines, cattle grids and rough roads, to name a few.

If you are considering 45mm springs and a cheaper suspension system, you will need to think about whether your trailer will be susceptible to some harsh conditions or it will just be a run around town trailer.

Kit includes everything you see in the photo x 2. The springs and centre rocker is galvanised, whereas the hangers are plain steel for welding.

A Tandem setup with 60mm wide springs provides a ride between Air suspension and standard rocker suspension. Robust for the long-haul, suitable for horse floats, livestock and other trailers where a softer ride is required.

how to tighten u-boltsU Bolts

The installation of U Bolts may be more scientific than you think.

  • Semi tightens the nylocks.
  • The next important step is the correct wheel alignment.
  • Put a straight edge across the outside of the tandem wheelset. The straight edge should touch the wheels in 4 places.
  • Tap axles until the straight edge indicate wheels are straight.
  • Tighten nylocks but do not bend the fish plate.
  • Necessary: re-tighten nylocks after 300 kilometres. You will find a min of 1/4 turn on each nylock.
  • Why? Mild steel will stretch after the initial installation. After a re-tighten, there will be no more stretching under typical loads.

Trailer Parts News Articles

Full range of Leaf Rocker Roller Spring set ratings:-

  • 5 Leaf - 500kg on 14" Wheels
  • 6 Leaf - 625kg on 14" Wheels
  • 7 Leaf - 725kg on 14" Wheels
  • 6 Leaf - 625kg on 16" Wheels
  • 7 Leaf - 750kg on 16" Wheels
  • 8 Leaf - 875kg on 16" wheels

Galvanised Rocker Roller Springs can vary from 1mm to 5mm. The best installation method is as follows:

  1. Weld Center bracket into position and connect centre rocker and attach springs to the centre rocker.
  2. Install front and back spring hanger brackets onto the springs.
  3. Stretch front spring as far as it will go and tack onto your chassis rail.
  4. Stretch back spring as far as it will go and tack-weld onto your frame.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 15 cm
Single Spring

5 Leaf – 14-inch – Front, 5 Leaf – 14-inch – Rear, 6 Leaf – 16-inch, 6 Leaf – 14-inch – Front, 6 Leaf – 14-inch – Rear, 7 Leaf – 14-inch – Front, 7 Leaf – 14-inch – Rear, 7 Leaf – 16-inch, 8 Leaf – 16-inch, 9 Leaf – 16-inch