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45mm Rocker Roller

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45mm Galvanised Rocker Roller Boat Spring

45mm Springs for Tandem trailers are difficult. Offset and Galvanised Rocker Roller springs are a common spring found on our boat trailers.

Tandem boat trailers in our opinion should have either shackle or rocker roller suspension.

45mm rocker roller suspension is load sharding as opposed to slipper suspension.

We encourage all boat trailers to be officially weighed on a weighbridge, with the boat and trailer detached.

Deduct the trailer weight from the vehicle and trailer weight. The resultant weight is the coupler weight.

The idea coupling weight is 5% to 7% of the total trailer ATM. For example, the maximum coupling head weight for a 3000kg trailer is 210kg.

ATM is explained here.

Finally, purchase a tow-ball scale here. Adjust the trailer load at the coupling until the desired balance is achieved.