Shackle Springs Eye to Eye

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Shackle Springs or Eye to Eye Springs

Shackle springs are also known as eye to eye spring and have an eye on both ends. Used on both single axle and tandem axle trailers.

The length of the spring and the offset of the spring vary according to tyre size.

Standard spring widths are 45mm and 60mm.

  • 45mm widths are standard for city travelling.
  • 60mm widths used by caravanners for longer country trips.

Rocker roller and standard tandem spring kits and replacements are readily available.

60mm springs are robust and recommended as an excellent investment for trouble-free caravanning.

Load Sharing

Shackle springs used in conjunction with a rocker arm, share the entire caravan load across both axles.

Slipper Springs do not have this capability. As a result, the slipper suspension is not conventional on larger tandem trailers.

Importantly, every caravan or trailer should go over a weighbridge before a suspension upgrade.

The suspension is an exact science based on your caravan weight.

Additionally, tow ball weight scales take the guesswork out of balancing your caravan.

A balanced rig is essential for a great holiday in the vast outback.

If you are upgrading your caravan, these articles are a fantastic source of information.

Finally, if you have any doubt about optimising your rig, give the experts a call at Couplemate, we would love to help you.