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Spring Shackle Bolts

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  • 50mm Steel Spring Bush

    45mm Steel Spring Shackle Bush

    Options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page In stock
  • 16mm Greaseable Shackle Bolt

    M16 Greaseable Shackle Bolt

    590632H $6.90
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  • 701142 - 4-inch Standard Greasable Shackle Bolt

    5/8-inch Short Shackle Bolt

    701142 $7.00
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  • slotted shackle plate

    1/2″ x 82mm – 115mm Slotted Shackle Plate

    185524 $7.45
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  • 701142 - 4-inch Standard Greasable Shackle Bolt

    5/8-inch Standard Greaseable Shackle Bolt

    701162 $7.50
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  • 60mm Outback Spring Bush

    60mm Outback Spring Bush

    CM657 $7.95
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  • Rocker Roller Spring Bush

    Rocker Roller 60mm Steel Bush

    CM656 $8.50
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  • 18mm greaseable shackle bolt

    M18 Rocker Roller Greaseable Shackle Bolt

    576306 $9.75
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  • 5/8-inch x 4.5-inch Long Greaseable Shackle Bolt

    5/8-inch x 4.5-inch Greaseable Shackle Bolt

    701161 $11.75
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  • 65mm rocker roller bush

    65mm Rocker Roller Spring Bushes

    $14.00 - $21.25
    Options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page In stock
  • 18mm standard tandem greaseable shackle bolt

    M18 Standard Tandem Greaseable Shackle Bolt – 590710

    590710H $15.90
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  • rocker roller 18mm center bush

    18mm Rocker Roller Centre Arm Bush

    CM658 $19.50
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Spare Spring Parts

Spring Bushes, Shackle Plates, Shackle Bolts

Shackle Bolt Bushes Plates to suit Leaf Springs widths – 45mm and 60mm
Bushes, shackle plates, and bolts can wear quickly when you’re driving on dirt and corrugated roads.

Therefore, spring bushes, shackle plates, and bolts all need servicing every 5,000 km—along with your bearings—especially if your rig is near peak load capacity.

ElectroGal Shackle Plates

Couplemate shackle plates are laser cut to provide exactly the same size hole every time.

The knurl on a shackle bolt is a perfect fit provide the holes are uniform.

Previously, common practice is to punch oversized holes into plates with a special tool. In the process of punching out holes, tool wear occurs which results in an undersized hole.

Laser cut holes overcome this problem and provide a perfect fit every time.

View our ElectroGal plated 60mm standard tandem shackle kit and 60mm outback greaseable kits here.

The Advantage of Spare Spring Parts

While it would be quite handy to carry spare caravan and trailer parts for your entire trailer, it’s simply not practical. However, we do recommend preparing for your trip by carrying spare parts for your springs.

You simply can’t go camping without checking your spring accessories, especially when you’re towing a heavy rig.

Replacing those worn spring accessories with new parts is essential to ensure happy camping.

Couplemate sells only the best quality spring bushes and shackles throughout Australia—covering Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.