60mm Caravan Slipper Spring

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60mm Caravan Slipper Spring – 765mm x 16mm Nylon Bushed

60mm Caravan Slipper Spring – 765mm x 60mm wide are a durable highway spring designed to withstand the rigours high speed can inflict on suspension.

Leaf springs tend to be pretty sturdy for on-road caravans, in particular, but they are not completely trouble-free. Some will begin to sag and others will break a leaf. In either case, the leaf pack will need to be replaced.

This is a very simple job but the safety rules still apply – you’ll need level, firm ground to work on and you must use stands to support the van.

Check your bolts after installing new springs. Lose u-bolts are a significant cause of caravan accidents.

Slipper Rating per Spring

  • 5 Leaf – 550kg
  • 6 Leaf – 650kg
  • 7 Leaf – 700kg
  • 9 Leaf – 850kg
  • 10 Leaf – 1000kg

Slipper Spring specifications

How are slipper springs rated?

The rating process with both galvanised and powder coated skipper springs is actually quite easy to understand.

Springs are installed into a hydraulic jig and cyclic tested to a compression deflection of approximately 50mm at the rated load of the spring.

Spring twisting can occur due to a combination of load centre of gravity, weight, cornering and shock loading caused by badly maintained roads.

If you feel your caravan slipper springs are ageing prematurely then read this article about caravan vibration fatigue.

More variations of slipper and independent coil springs below

60mm Caravan Slipper Spring

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 60mm Caravan Slipper Spring and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 71 × 6 × 30 cm
Slipper Springs

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