45mm Shackle Hanger Kit

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45mm Shackle Hanger Kit for 8mm Shackle Springs

45mm shackle hanger kit is suited to install on single axle trailers up to 1900kg. Note: Hangers are bare metal as these parts are to be welded to the chassis rail.

Use only on 8mm eye to eye springs. (710mm eye to eye)

Single Axle Hanger Installation

  1. Locate the centre of the wheel well. This is where the centre pin will be located.
  2. Measure from the centre pin to the front of the shackle.
  3. Use this measurement to clamp the front bracket into position from the centre of the wheel well.
  4. Obtain the rear hanger (dumjack) measurement from the length of the spring from the centre of the eye plus 25mm for 710mm springs
  5. This length will be 735mm from the front mount.
  6. Weld both hangers into position.
  7. Install front shackle bolt and spring into the hanger.
  8. Connect rear shackle plates and shackle bolts into the rear of the spring.
  9. Shackleplates should be facing towards the front of the trailer. Once the load is applied, shackle plates will swing to the rear of the chassis.

The de-rating factor does not apply to load sharing suspension systems as it applies to a slipper spring suspension. Spring ratings for single axle and tandem suspensions are the total rating of each spring.

Purchase powder coated or galvanised 635mm short Shackle springs here.

It is important to install handers or mounts, 735mm from the centre of eye to the centre of the front and rear mount (dumjack).

Shock loading conditions can cause the shackle hangers installed more than 735mm centres to hit the centre rocker bar.

Hangers installed closer than 735mm centres causes the trailer spring to lock onto the centre rocker and prevent load sharing.

Problems caused by incorrect hanger locations, full details.

45mm Kit comprises the following trailer parts

Purchase the galvanised shackle mounting kits here.

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