60mm Rocker Roller Hanger Kit

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60mm Rocker Roller Hanger Kit

60mm rocker roller hanger kit is available as a replacement kit for worn Al-ko hanger brackets. Kits fit rocker roller suspension systems from 2.2t to 4.5t.

It is not unusual to replace hangers and shackle bolts before rocker roller spring failure. Heavier suspension systems require more maintenance than light systems.

Hanger replacements can be purchased separately; however, once a hanger expires, it is wise to replace the complete set.

Greasable pins require frequent lubrication. Spring eyelets with nylon bushing do not require greasing.

Learn about rocker roller springs from the video below

Couplemate recommends allowing your local service mechanic to service your caravan at least once yearly.

This video from Hardings Swift Caravan Services identifies a lot of issues a DIY owner could quite rightly, be unaware of some problems which could exist.

You just cannot beat the experience and technical know-how of expert caravan repair technicians. Although there are plenty of caravan repair videos on Youtube, the best videos come from the industry itself.

Caravan Repairers we recommend

Specifications of Hanger Kit

  • 2 x Centre Rocker Hangers
  • 4 x Front and Rear Hangers
  • 2 x M18 Greaseable Centre Pin and Nylock – High Tensile
  • 4 x Steel Rollers
  • 4 x M16 Greasable Bolts – High Tensile
  • 4 x M16 Non-greaseable Bolts – High Tensile

60mm Rocker Roller HangerHanger Kit installation

Rocker roller hanger installation is simple.

  • Weld the centre hanger onto the frame.
  • An alternative is to weld the hanger onto a 5mm thick piece of angle iron of a suitable length. The angle iron is attached to the chassis by u-bolt clamps.
  • Attach the entire assembly onto the centre rocker arm. Centre bolt pin requires no split pins.
  • Stretch the front spring as far as possible, then apply a G-clamp between the hanger and chassis.
  • Repeat for the rear hanger.
  • Now tack weld into position.
  • Check for straightness before completing the welding process.

Purchase kit parts and complete assemblies below

60mm Rocker Roller Hanger Kit

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 60mm Rocker Roller Hanger Kit and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

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