Shackle Springs Galvanised

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  • 710mm Shackle Galvanised Spring

    45mm x 710mm Galvanised Shackle Spring

    $120.55$202.00 inc GST
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  • 45mm Shackle Offset galvanised

    45mm x 710mm Galvanised Offset Shackle Spring

    $80.16$189.72 inc GST
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Shackle Springs | Galvanised

Shackle Springs Galvanised is most common spring for use on boat trailers. Length and width can vary from boat trailer to boat trailer, depending on the length and weight of the boat.

There are four types of galvanised springs available for boat trailers. They are

  • 710mm center pin
  • 710mm offset pin
  • 635mm center pin
  • 635mm offset pin

Single axle trailers use springs with a length of 710mm, whereas tandem trailers use a spring length of 635mm.

The 635mm galvanised springs are limited to 4 leaves and 5 leaves only. Also available in black powder coated.

Finally, Couplemate prefers only Galvanised springs.