60mm Galvanised Tandem Springs

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  • Galvanised Rocker Roller Springs

    Galvanised Rocker Roller Springs – 60mm

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  • Single Rocker Roller Spring

    Single Rocker Roller Spring – Galvanised

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60mm Tandem Galvanised Rocker Roller Suspension

60mm Galvanised Rocker Roller tandem spring sets. Suit 2000kg to 4.5t. Springs include hangers, rockers and greaseable pins.

Rocker roller suspension is robust for high-speed highway use. Further, a tandem galvanised spring set is able to carry large weights safely.

We recommend minimum chassis width of 50mm with the 60mm hanger bracket overhang being on the inside of the chassis. The clearance between the chassis bracket and type should be uninhibited.

It is wise to weld brackets onto an angle iron. Then install the suspension with 56mm u-bolt clamps. This process enables the suspension to slide up and down the chassis rail to find the best centre of balance.