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Atherton Bolts and Tools is a great customer of ours and is likely to carry the trailer or caravan part you need to get your rig up and running.

If you are up on the Tablelands, heading north or west then pop in for a few spares, in case. Find them on Facebook.

For me, it is very comforting to know I have the following spares on board before heading into the outback:

Most of these items are stocked up at Atherton’s largest supplier of trailer and caravan parts.

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8 months ago
Excellent old fashioned personal service.

Just follow the map or give them a call and provide a description of the parts you require.

Further, if you are building a trailer rig, call the boys for a competitive quote.

Remember, parts manufactured by Couplemate carry a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship.

How can Couplemate offer such a guarantee? 

We believe in quality, we trust our workmanship and we back our worker’s ability to manufacture products that will not fail you.

Atherton Bolts and Tools

Atherton Bolts and Tools
51 Tolga Rd,
Atherton QLD 4883