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EGR Trailers

EGR Trailers are the goto people in Nowra to help you get back on the road if you have something broken.

Couplemate recommends EGR trailers travellers who seek emergency repairs to get the job done right.

Over the past decade, Suzanne Edwards and husband Rob have developed a highly efficient trailer manufacturing facility at South Nowra, on the South Coast of NSW. Featuring unique design techniques and fabrication methods, all EGR Trailers have eliminated the key ‘weak spots’ that lead to rapid corrosion and rusting of steel trailers in the salt-laden air of coastal regions.

As a result of years of experience in the transport and heavy machinery industry, their attention turned to tackling the problems of rust and corrosion that is endemic whenever steel equipment encounters the salt-laden atmosphere of coastal areas.

Given the average life expectancy of only a few short years before rust attacks the average light trailer, Rob and Suzanne decided to eliminate the typical angle iron frame construction in general use.

The obvious solution was to eliminate the welded angle iron frame and replace it with a single-piece, folded metal tray. This single piece of engineering design completely eliminates the upwards-facing welded seams where dust, moisture and corrosive salt deposits form in trailers constructed in the standard manner.

While EGR Trailers have many standard designs to choose from, their speciality is creating unique designs for demanding applications, be it for transport, off-road, camping or rural applications.

For you next demanding trailer requirement, why not give Suzanne or Rob a call at EGR Trailers. They’ll be only too please to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

EGR Trailers
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