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  • 39mm Round Stub Axle

    39mm Round Stub Axle

    $22.95$33.20 inc GST
  • 45mm round stub axle pll

    45mm Round Parallel Stub Axle

    $33.36$45.36 inc GST
  • 50mm Round Stub Axle parallel bearings

    50mm Round Stub Axle

    $38.36$146.35 inc GST
  • 50mm Square Stub Axle

    50mm Square Stub Axle

    $43.19$83.41 inc GST

200mm Stub Axle

200mm stub axle, Round or Square, is the shortest length available.

Weld axle inserts onto steel beams or into drop axle plates to lower trailers.

Loading livestock or cars onto the trailer has never been easier.

Select from the following bearing configurations

Stub axles are also used in Swingaway Spare Wheel Carriers.

Further, during emergency breakdown events, a longer stub axle can be clamped to a steel beam with U-bolts.

Finally, Couplemate manufacture removable stub axle for independent coil suspension.