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Find Your Stud Pattern (P.C.D.)

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Understanding your Stud Pattern (PCD) is crucial when searching for spare wheel parts like rims or hubs for your trailer or caravan.

Correctly identifying the PCD prevents the purchase of incompatible components, which can save money by avoiding the need for returns or replacements. It also ensures that investments in wheel-related upgrades or replacements are effective.

If you need to replace a wheel or tire while on the road, knowing your caravan’s PCD can be a lifesaver. It enables you to quickly find the right replacement part, reducing downtime and potential inconveniences during your travels.

To begin, let’s clarify the meaning of PCD:

PCD Meaning

PCD stands for “pitch circle diameter,” which denotes the spacing between your wheel studs.

Stud patterns, often referred to as bolt patterns, bolt circles, lug patterns, or PCDs (pitch circle diameters), are primarily determined by the diameter of a circle that passes through the centre of a wheel’s stud holes. Typically, wheels come with 4, 5, or 6 stud holes. This diameter is the foundational element for identifying your stud pattern.

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Converting Stud Centre to PCD Measurements

While you can simply compare stud centres to work our your PCD, there is a formula used to work out PCD.

PCD Formula is as below:

  • 4 Stud Formula = STUD / 0.70711
  • 5 Stud Formula = STUD / 0.5878
  • 6 Stud Formula = STUD / 0.5

What is P.C.D.


Common Caravan & Trailer Stud Pattern

Common Stud Patterns: 4 Studs



Stud Centre

Thread Types

Barina, Lancer4 x 100mm70.71mm7/16″ UNF
Cortina4 x 107.95mm76.33mm7/16″ UNF

Common Stud Patterns: 5 Studs



Stud Centre

Thread Types

Holden HQ5 x 120.65mm70.92mm7/16″ UNF
Holden HT, Torana5 x 107.95mm63.45mm7/16″ UNF
Commodore5 x 120.00mm70.55mm7/16″ UNF
Landcruiser 100 Series5 x 150.00mm88.17mm9/16″ UNF, M14 x 1.5 Pitch
Ford, Mazda, Subaru5 x 114.3mm67.19mm1/2″ UNF

Common Stud Patterns: 6 Studs



Stud Centre

Thread Types

Nissan Navara (2005 onwards)6 x 114.30mm57.25mm1/2″ UNF, M12 x 1.5 Pitch
2021 Toyota HiAce6 x 130.00mm65.00mmM14 x 1.5 Pitch
Landcruiser, Nissan (1998-2004)6 x 139.70mm69.85mm1/2″ UNF, M12 1.5 pitch, M14 x 1.5 Pitch

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