How To Install A Marine Seal To Your Axle.

This video shows you how to grease and install a trailer bearing seal correctly. Steve explains the step by step procedure to install new bearing seals and beat water ingress. Marine Bearing kits offer a marine seal as opposed to a standard seal.

What is the difference between marine and a standard seal?
A highway seal is affixed to the inside of the hub and spins with the hub.
Whereas, a marine seal is affixed to the axle and does not spin.
In addition, a marine bearing seal utilises a stainless steel outer ring to enable the rubber seal to spin.

Easy Jack Caravan Axle Jack.

Couplemate Caravan Axle Jack is tested for suitability to lift Round or Square Axles. Easy Jack safety lifts caravans or trailers to change a flat tyre or to check bearings.

Learn the secrets of Caravan Electric Brake Magnets.

In this video, Magnet wires tell the secret on the magnet voltage. I also discuss how not to run the cable across the axle. It is possible to run across the axle but there are things you need to do.

Measuring Towball Weight Using The Hayman Reese Towball Scale.

A trailer or caravan tow ball weight varies depending on the distribution of weight in the caravan or trailer. In the case of boats, stored fuel creates all sorts of dynamic changes to your towing.

How to select Australian Safety Chains and Dee Shackles for Trucks, Caravans.

Understanding Safety Chains can be difficult and confusing. The experts at Couplemate have tried to make it simpler with this animated video.

LED Plug Covers to suit Anderson Style Electrical Trailer Plugs.

Marvellous invention confirms electrical supply is available and helps prevent water and dirt ingress. Dirty terminals are the second most significant cause of connection failure.

Independent Coil Suspension by Couplemate Trailer Parts.

Our suspension kits have rapidly become the most reliable highway and offroad suspension in the Australian marketplace. Couplemate coil suspension is tough, reliable and does not require constant camber adjustment.

AL-KO Low Profile Handbrake Fixes 4WD Swinging Doors.

An important breakthrough in caravan brake handles. AL-KO offroad and override low profile hand brake. Standard hole centres are 184mm x 54mm.

Stainless Top Hat Installation

Stainless Top Hat Disc Rotor ideal for all Australian and American galvanised hubs. This suits a 10-inch or 12-inch disc rotor setup. You will also need a galvanised hub to fit these rotors onto your axles.

Auto Retract Jockey Wheel.

The auto retract jockey wheel is a well designed and the preferred jockey wheel by boating manufacturers. The auto jockey wheel low ride features are ideal for caravaners.

How to select your rated dee shackle or bow shackle.

What You Need To Know about Rated Dee Shackle. Install rated dee shackles with a coloured pin and sidestep any compliance issues.

The original Couplemate "Marriage Saver" Reversing Guide

The Couplemate® Caravan Reversing Guide (Marriage Saver®) makes hitching up your caravan/boat or camper easier than ever! It takes just SECONDS and prevents those awkward ‘oh damn’ moments!