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Caravan Rocker Roller Override

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Caravan Rocker Roller Override Spring

Caravan rocker roller override spring is designed to transfer shock loading from springs to the chassis. They also help dampen caravan roll and sway.

The Aeon® rubber springs used in Timbren Rocker Roller have a progressive compression rate. In other words, they provide a soft, comfortable ride at all times.

If you tow a boat or a caravan with a heavily loaded rig, SES relocates load at max deflection to the chassis.

Leaf springs deform and even break under heavy loads in excess of the maximum spring rating.

SES or rocker roller spring override protection re-directs excess load from weak point and transfer the load directly to the chassis.

Enhanced suspension systems are not a permanent solution to overloading problems. Timbren proves a solution to cushion road shocks and shock loading caused by potholes and rough road shoulders.

This installation in the video is very similar to the installation on the rear rocker roller suspension.

Rocker Roller Spring Breakages

Stress fractures develop in rocker roller springs, especially the left-hand side. When caravan springs roll over the shoulder of the road, shock loading occurs and is transferred from the tyres to the axle and spring. A fully loaded caravan magnifies shock loading.

The rear springs are more susceptible than the front spring to stress fractures.

Spring overrides or helpers take the stresses rough roads by transferring the excess loading from the spring to the chassis. As a result, the spring is isolated from overloading.

Finally, the spring helper also acts as an extra shock absorber on rough roads and shoulders.


  • Fits all 45mm and 60mm Spring combinations
  • Fit all underslung or overslung axles.

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Timbren SES Spring Helper

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