1450mm Long

1450mm Axles

1450mm long axles are proudly registered as Australian made and employed Australian workers.

Measure bare axles from tip to tip to eliminate mistakes with different hubs, drums and disc rotors.

Different brands vary as much as 20mm on one side. Therefore over the length of an axle, the real tip to tip distance varies 40mm.

Technically, a well-made axle has a smooth profile or surface. Smooth surfaces are achieved when a finishing tool is passed over the axle profile to finish the CNC machining process.

Imported axles can have a rough finishing surface. This type of surface results in high bearing wear.

Couplemate Trailer Parts sources bar steel from Bluescope in Newcastle and Port Kembla. You may also find it interesting to find the steel comes from Whyalla, South Australia.

Further, these same axles are sent to a local coating plant in Brisbane for Galvanising.

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  • 45mm square axle

    45mm Square Axle

  • 45mm square axle galvanised

    45mm Square Galvanised Axle

  • 39mm Round Axle Galvanised

    39mm Round Axle – Galvanised

  • 45mm round axle galvanised

    45mm Round Galvanised Axle

  • 45mm Square Parallel Axle

    45mm Square Parallel Axle

  • Square Overlay Axle

    45mm – 50mm Square Overlay Axle

  • 50mm Square Overlay Axle

    50mm Square Overlay Axle Parallel

  • 50mm overlay 2t axle

    50mm Square Overlay Axle 2t – Galvanised

  • 40mm square axle galvanised

    40mm Square Galvanised Axle