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  • bearing dollys to suit ford or holden bearings

    Bearing Dollys – SL and LM Bearing Cups

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  • Australian-Made

    2t Bearing Dolly – 15123/30210

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Bearing Dollys for LM, SL and 2t bearing sets.

Bearing and dust cap dollys are one of the easiest ways you can insert bearing cups into your disc rotor, drum or hub.

We used steel pipe for a long time only to find the end was regularly mushrooming due to extreme usage.

Bearing And Dust Cap Dollys At Couplemate

Dollys are not a Couplemate invention; however, you’ll find these much easier to use than other methods of inserting bearing cups in disc rotors and hubs.

Here’s how you use bearings and dust cap dollys.

First, knock the cup flat with the outside of the hub or drum boss. Then, use the dolly to push the bearing cup home into the bearing shoulder in the hub boss.

This is an easy process, and you’ll spend less than a minute inserting the bearing cup. Steel dollies (to knock cups into hubs) make life easier, and safer as well. We make hundreds of cups per week, and we’ve found it much easier to use these dollies.

You will also notice that we use a dust cap dolly. No more struggling with dust caps—this dolly makes for an excellent stable fit.

Update: We now use hydraulic presses to insert bearing cups. This device uses several different dies for all the bearing sets we require. For personal use, you’re still better off with the bearings and dust cap dollies.

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