22mm – 32mm Tow Ball Reducer Bush

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32mm-22mm Tow Ball Reducer Bush

The 32mm-22mm Tow Ball Reducer Bush is made in Australia and designed to fit Couplemate 70mm receiver bars.

This heavy-duty tow ball reducer changes the hole size from 70mm to suit 50mm. Remove the 70mm tow ball and insert a 50mm tow ball to tow small trailers.

Australian Made by Couplemate Trailer PartsThis is ideal if you run a larger Tow Ball like our 70mm variant but which to change to a 50mm Standard tow ball without replacing your Receiver Arm.


  • Outside Diameter – 32mm
  • Inside Diameter – 22.62mm
  • Height – 24mm

We recommend retorquing the tow ball nut to the manufacturer’s specifications after inserting the

22mm or 7/8″ tow ball uses a spring washer and nut; therefore, in most cases, the nut and washer will not need to be replaced.

Please note: the sizes above are descriptive only—view specifications for exact dimensions.

If the nut is a nylock, we recommend installing a spring washer under the nylock nut.

Purchase cast receiver arms here

Couplemate manufactures shank-size reducer bushes in Brisbane. Contact us if you have another requirement for medium tensile bushings.

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