Combination Pintle Hook Receiver

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CM530 Combination Pintle Hook Benefits

✓ Solid cast receiver arm for strength and reliability.
Ability to tow trailers with 50mm ball and ring couplings.
Easily slides in Australian-style 50mm tow bars.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Trailer Parts.

65 in stock

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Combination Pintle Hook Receiver | CM530

The Couplemate™️ CM530 Combination Pintle Hook Receiver allows you to tow both 50mm ball couplings and ring couplings with one pintle hitch.

This component can tow 3500kg ATM trailers with ball couplings and 6000kg ATM trailers with pintle rings.

Couplemate™️ takes great care when manufacturing all of our trailer, caravan, and towing components. Many Australian mining and council vehicles use our CM530 as it provides safe towing on every occasion.

Likewise, many working Australians choose our Combination Pintle Hook Receiver, as it conveniently slide into the back of your ute tow bar.

Our 2D drawing of the Couplemate™ CM530 Combination Pintle Hook Receiver.

Why do Australians love the CM530?

Aussies prefer this component because:

  • Maintains strength and reliability through a forged receiver body and high tensile steel tow ball.
  • Features accessible, easy to use locking mechanisms that keep your coupling secured.
  • Easily slides into most Australian-style car and truck tow bars (50.80mm).
  • Finally, allows you to tow multiple trailer with different couplings.

Did You Know? The word “pintle” refers to a pin or a bolt that is usually inserted in a gudgeon, which are often seen on cabinetry hinges. In the towing industry, pintle rings couplings function as the gudgeon and provides articulation as you traverse the Bruce highway.

Product Specifications

The CM530 Combination Pintle Hook Receiver is a forged product and is made in strict accordance with ADR62/02.

  • D-Value: 33.6kN
  • Torque Setting: 1067Nm
  • Maximum Ball Coupling Weight: 3500kg ATM
  • Maximum Pintle Ring Weight: 6000kg ATM
  • Materials:
    • Tow Ball: HT4140 Alloy
    • Receiver Body: SAE1045
    • Chain & Clip: SAE1008, SS400

View the full Engineering specification sheet online here.

Couplemate™️ also offers a bolt-on style combination pintle hook, available here.

Important Information

Our Recommendations for Safe Towing

  1. Always ensure your trailer is level with your tow vehicle. If your trailer is not level, you may require a two-piece setup (such as a CM500 and CM510) to adjust the ball height.
  2. Remember to take care when reversing. Angles greater than 80 degrees will cause your trailer and coupling to jack-knife.
  3. Use a high-tensile receiver hitch pinEverything on your trailer is only as strong as your weakest component. Invest in a rated hitch pin to secure your pintle hook in your tow bar.

D-Values for Trailer Couplings

D-Values assign ratings to tow couplings. These values represent the maximum force that can be safely exerted on the component along a prescribed axis.

So, why are D-Values important? When products are assigned a D-Value, it means that the component has been rigorously tested by the developing Engineers so as to ensure a safe product. To check that the Combination Pintle Hook Receiver is suitable for you application, you can use the configurator below.

Additional CM530 Accessories

For more advanced towing with ring couplings, Couplemate™ recommends the use of a Tow Ball Protector.  You can also benefit from the Couplemate™️ Anti-Rattle Shims, as the design uses a 50.80mm tow bar receiver.

The use of the shims and the tow ball protector ensure a quiet tow, no matter where you go.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions50 × 25 × 5 cm


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