50mm High Shoulder Tow Ball – 3500kg

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Lockable Tow Bar Hitch Pin

✓ Helps prevent trailer/caravan hitch theft.
✓ Brass alloy locking mechanism with two security keys.
✓ 5/8" diameter to suit most Australian style tow bars.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™.

Stainless Tow Bar Anti-Rattle Shim Kit + Installation Video

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Minimises Tow Bar Rattle
Quick and Easy Installation
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Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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50mm High Shoulder Tow Ball | 3.5t Tow Ball

50mm high shoulder tow balls suit most off-road couplings. Additionally, the tow ball is manufactured and chromed in Brisbane.

Tow Ball Hitches and Receiver Kits

Important: We recommend that off-road couplings of all brands use a solid cast receiver hitch. Hollow receivers have a welded tongue that distorts in extreme offroad conditions and under shock loading events on the highway.

Couplemate™ manufactures a range of cast tow bar receivers and hitches in Australia and tests to Australian road conditions.

Many balls on the market are manufactured in China or internationally, and it is unusual to find Australian-made goods.

Couplemate™ is proud to manufacture this product in-house for you, adding to the number of products in our Australian-made range.Australian Made

Importantly, our tow balls are tested, whereas there is no procedure for testing imported tow balls.

We believe the Couplemate high tensile tow balls are the best on the market and an excellent investment.

Product Specifications

The Couplemate™ CM290-HT25-62mm is manufactured by and tested to ADR 62/02.

  • Capacity: 350kg
  • Materials: 4140 High-Tensile Steel
  • Coating: Chrome
  • Shank Size: 22mm

Approximately 10% of your trailer weight should sit on your tow ball. The Couplemate™ High Shoulder Tow Balls will suit trailers with a 3500kg ATM and can handle 350kg of vertical load.

For further details, view the complete engineering drawing available here.

What specifications are available?

  • 25mm Shoulder.
  • 62mm Thread length.
  • 22mm diameter UNF thread to suit most tow bars.
  • Chrome Plated
  • 4140 High tensile steel

The high shoulder allows great articulation of off-road couplings over standard equipment.

Standard tow balls can touch and exert a lot of force on the edge of the receiver bar, which may damage the coupling, tow ball, and chassis.

Why is it necessary to test tow balls

Couplemate tow balls have been tested to comply with AS4771.2, where balls are examined to 85kN and held at 85kN for not less than 10 sec. Watch this exciting video. Watch the computer monitor in the background.

What is 85kN?

85kN is the force applied to the ball during testing 85kN = 8.667 tonne.


tow ball in Manufacture

Couplemate Towballs in Manufacture

High Tensile 25mm High Shoulder Tow Ball

Couplemate manufactures 3500kg extended shoulder tow balls in Australia. I appreciate your support.

A standard shank tow ball shoulder is approximately 12.5mm. This size shank fits all highway couplings except some off-road couplings.

Offroad couplings can foul the tow bar tongue when towing through gullies or river beds on an angle.

Couplemate developed a high tensile tow ball to allow a total rating of 3500kg. A much higher rating is achievable due to the grade of high tensile used.

Galvanising and Plating

Galvanising and chrome plating are a big issue, but will it be strong enough?

Will galvanising or plating affect my product strength?

Yes, strength tests can reduce the product rating by up to 0.4%; however, the tolerance we would consider is 1%. In effect, there is no negligible effect on product load rating.

How can I be sure that galvanising will not affect my ball rating?

A good question deserves the correct answer.

After plating, Couplemate tests tow balls to AS 4177.2—2004.

Also required for testing is a certificate that the coupling balls have undergone a de-embrittlement process.

American Tow Balls

Couplemate manufacturers American tow balls 2-inch and 2-5/16 inch and rates them to 3.5t.

Tow Ball Scales

Coupling weight is critical to ensure your rig runs true and brakes correctly. Too much ball weight overloads your tow vehicle and overruns its braking ability.

Tow weight ball scales help identify how much weight you should move back onto your trailer axles, thereby lightening the load on your tow bar.

The correct weight and a level chassis significantly affect towing.

Couplemate guarantees tow balls for life against faulty manufacture. If your Couplemate high tensile tow ball fails, we will replace it.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

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