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Towball Coupler Weight Scale – CM295

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CM295 Tow Ball Weight Scales

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Tow Ball Coupler Weight Scales – CM295

A tow ball weight scale for a caravan, boat or work trailer is the only way to keep your tow ball weight constant and to help prevent sway.

When loading your trailer with equipment or perishables, your tow ball weight changes if your load is not packed evenly over your axles. Take your boat or jet-ski trailer as an example – if the ball weight is not balanced correctly, stored fuel can create all sorts of dynamic changes to your towing.

Prevent Trailer and Caravan Sway.

The Couplemate tow ball weight scale is easy to use and furthermore checks your tow ball weight to ensure you are not overloading before you hit the road.


IMPORTANT: Before using the Coupling Weight Scales level your trailer or caravan.


Raise the jockey wheel then position the Coupling Weight Scale under the coupling.


Lower the jockey wheel until the full weight is on the scales.


Record the weight reading.

Caravan weights using tow ball weight scales.


(A) Payload including gas, water and all non factory fitted accessories.

(B) Weight on tyres

(C) Weight on Towing Vehicle (ball weight)

ATM = A + B + C GTM = A + B Tare Mass = B + C


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