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Couplemate Trailer Parts

Towing your caravan is not as simple as you would think.

Rigs above 3500kg can be towed by a pintle arrangement or a 4.5t towing ball setup.

Whilst enlarging your existing receiver bar from 22mm to 32mm might not seem a big deal, it will quickly become obvious a this is not a solution for towing your $80,000 rig.

Towing equipment for your rig is a simple matter of selecting the right parts. Many approved parts can be found here.

What not to do

The image on the right is a well known heavy duty brand of receiver bar.

The tow ball has 70mm stamped on top. It does not contain the manufacturer’s mark nor does it contain the rated load of the tow ball. (AS4771.2 mandates this requirement for tow balls used on public roads)

If your towball does not have the correct markings, it is an unapproved device, illegal and not fit for purpose. You could be asked to uncouple your rig.

The receiver bar is Rated to 3.5t, a welder used an oxy torch to neatly enlarge the hole size to 32mm so a 4.5t tow ball could be fitted.

Look closely at the piece wedged in the tow ball, how much steel was pulling this 4.5t rig?

The customer was as white as a ghost when I spoke with him.

The incident has just happened, He had his $80,000 rig @ 4.5t swaying on his safety chains.

We replaced this broken equipment with “fit for purpose” equipment rated at 4.5t. (below)

Whilst you may be tempted to enlarge your existing 22mm hole, be aware there are ramifications. Better to be safe when towing your rig than allowing people to enlarge a hole in a receiver bar.

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