10t Gooseneck AutoLock Coupling, CTA-047029


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Brand: Couplemate

Component Type Approval #47029. ADR Approved.

277 in stock

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10t Gooseneck Horse Float Coupling, D-Value 58.8kN, V-Value 40kN

10t Gooseneck Autolock Coupling to suit trailers or Motorhomes – A.D.R. Approved. Rustproofing ElectroGal for longer life.

The Couplemate Autolock coupling D-Value and V-Value is the largest of any competitive product in Australia.

Important: Select the correct pintle hooks from our D-Value sheet.

For example, this Coupling has a 58kN D-Value. To see what Coupling you require, match the kN from the Coupling to your vehicle and trailer.

This chart will help you to calculate D-Value for your rig.

Our 10t Gooseneck Auto-Lock Coupling is coated with a chrome Black ElectroGal® for longer life and improved aesthetics.

Connection Tow Ball to Coupling

  • Open the coupling shroud until it is in the backward position.
  • Open the jaws fully to accept the tow ball.
  • You will need assistance when slowly reversing into the tow ball on the vehicle into the coupling housing.
  • The jaw will auto-lock when in position.
  • Close the shroud to complete the hookup.

Jaws and shroud damage can occur during off-centre reversal in the coupling head. Two-person hookups are recommended.

Replacement parts can now be purchased should damage occur when the above procedure is not followed.

Product Specifications

  • SKU: CM520
  • CTA: 047029
  • D-Value 58kN
  • V-Value 40kN (heavy-duty)
  • Tested and Rated to 10,000kg

S-Value or the static vertical ‘Coupling’ load (kN) = 9.81 x S where:  S = ‘A.T.M.’ – ‘G.T.M.’ (tonnes).

Associated Parts


The photos you see on this product were taken from our test rig after the product was tested for 2,000,000 cycles.

  • Tube wall thickness 7mm
  • O.D. 89mm
  • ID 75mm
  • Preheat the product before welding.

5th wheel couplings or the gooseneck horse-float Coupling is ideal for mobile homes, horse floats and caravans over 4.5t. This Coupling operates via a tow ball CM298 (not Included) inserted in or on the bed of a pickup or similar truck of suitable capacity.

The tow ball is 3 inches in diameter with a 2-inch shank.

Important Note: 10t Gooseneck Autolock Coupling Specifications

The CM520 10t gooseneck auto-lock horse-float coupling can only be matched with the CM298 3″ tow ball.

On occasions, two balls require reinforcement. We can provide a ring base to fit onto the tow ball. The ring to the left is approximately 120mm wide and 37mm in height. The tow ball collar strengthens the plate between chassis rails by spreading the load across a greater surface area.

Important Notice: CTA

A CTA demonstrates that the gooseneck coupling complies with relevant standards and has been approved for road use. When purchasing from Couplemate Trailer Parts, your C.T.A. identification number for this gooseneck horse-float Coupling is on your Invoice. The C.T.A. on the approval letter will be the same as CTA on your Invoice. Official documentation of this C.T.A. number can be provided upon request.

Finally, show vehicle inspectors the Invoice during your trailer or vehicle inspections if required.

Regulations for Towing and Accessories over 4.5t

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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