Pintle Hook Adaptor

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  • CM510 Tow Bar Adaptor

    Pintle Towbar Adaptor

    $139.62$145.50 inc GST
  • Pintle Hook Bolt Kit

    Pintle Hook Grade 8 Bolt Kit

    $14.80 inc GST
  • Pintle Towbar Ringfeeder Adaptor

    Pintle Towbar Ringfeeder Adaptor

    $166.73 inc GST

Pintle Hook Adaptor converts a 50mm hitch into a Pintle Hook

A Pintle Hook Adaptor is required when changing your tow bar configuration to tow a ring coupling trailer.

Towbars with a 50mm tow ball hitch can easily be changed except for a ring coupling.

To help mitigate insurance losses install a pintle lock to reduce the opportunity for trailer theft.

Actually, the 50mm hitch measures 2″, which is a little larger than 50mm.

50mm pintle adaptors rattle, as a result, require anti-rattle protection.

Wear can also occur within the hitch pinhole.

Couplemate manufacturer a large hitch pin to both eliminate rattle and upgrade the pin to 6t.

Couplemate have rated our most popular pintle attachment. We found this model requires a rating upgrade.