104kN Truck Pintle Hook 70mm Combination

104kN Truck Pintle Hook 70mm Combination

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104kN Truck Pintle Hook Combination

Truck pintle hook combination is a low wear connection between truck and trailer. Couplemate's patented 70mm combination gives users the flexibility to tow trailers with 4.5t balls without changing towing attachments.

This heavy-duty, combination pintle hook prohibits damage to the tow ball when towing with a 75mm ring coupling.

Additionally, when disengaging the pintle hook, push the bar backward then slid the locking clip into the locking hole located on the body of the pintle. This will allow the bar to remain open without assistance thereby allowing the operator to wind the jockey wheel up, unassisted.

Pintle hitch ratings are a combination of trailer and truck weights. Use the drop-down to find the exact D-Value for your rig combination.


Select the correct pintle from our D-Value sheet. Example, kN of Pintle Hook correctly matches your vehicle and trailer.

Truck Pintle Hook Specifications

  • D-Value Ring - 104kN
  • V-Value Ring - 40kN
  • D-Value Tow Ball - 56kN
  • V-Value Tow Ball - 30kN
  • 70mm Tow Ball Size
  • Suits standard four-hole pintle hook mounts - 85mm x 45mm
  • 4 x high tensile bolts and nuts included
  • Powder-coated with pintle mounts to provide corrosion resistance
  • 3" Ring is the internal ID
  • 41.5mm ring Thickness
  • Low wear truck pintle

Note: 3.5t tow ball breakages are caused by backing the tow vehicle (tow bar) into the coupling. This action causes hairline fractures over a long period eventually resulting in tow ball breakage; Tow balls tested to 8.5t without damage or deformation higher than 22mm comply with Australian Standards.

Altered driving habits so as not to cause the tow ball to hit the coupling when reversing.

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AU Pat. 2020100029 - 30 January 2020

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