Premium Combination Pintle Hook

Premium Combination Pintle Hook


What makes this a “Premium” Combination Pintle Hook? 

Solid cast body for superior strength.
✓ Smoother towing experience with minimal jolting.
Designed for towing longevity and adaptability.Australian Made and Owned.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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✓  Top Position:  60kN
✓  Middle Position: 45kN
✓  Bottom Position: 36kN
✓  Made in Australia

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Premium Combination Pintle Hook | Incl. High-Tensile Bolts

The Couplemate™ Premium Combination Pintle Hook is specifically engineered to enhance your towing experience and eliminate undue wear. With a heavy-duty design and focus on ultimate safety, this Combination Pintle Hook is the preferred choice in the Australian mining industry.

Most combination pintle hooks will use a 50mm ball when towing with a ring coupling, but the Couplemate™ Premium version means that your pintle ring will pull on a higher-rated cast iron body. This boosts safety, product lifespan, as well as eliminates slack and jolting movements when braking.

This component is suitable for towing with a ring coupling and a 50mm ball coupling, providing you with convenience and adaptability.

Made in our Brisbane warehouse, this Australian-made product is a great and safe solution for your towing needs.

Product Specifications

Product dimensions are available in the photo gallery above. For a full-size engineering drawing, click here.

  • Materials: Cast Iron Body, K1045 Steel Tow Ball
  • Hole Centres: 45mm x 85mm
  • Tow Ball Torque: 553Nm
  • D-Value: 26.7kN
  • V-Value: 16kN

The CM532 is suitable for towing up to:

  • 3500kg ATM on 50mm ball couplings
  • 6000kg ATM with 75mm ring couplings.

Product Contents

When you buy the Couplemate™ Premium Combination Pintle Hook, you will receive:

  • 1 x Premium Combination Pintle Hook
  • 1 x Pintle Safety Chain, Clip and Pin
  • 4 x Grade 8 1/2" Bolts
  • 4 x Spring Washers and Nuts

Spare parts for this product include the high tensile bolts and safety chain and clip.

Important Information

D-Values for Trailer Couplings

D-Values assign ratings to tow couplings. These values represent the maximum force that can be safely exerted on the component.

For example, 50mm ball couplings have a D-Value that is determined by:

  • Maximum towing vehicle mass of 5000kg.
  • Maximum trailer mass of 3500kg.

So, why are D-Values important? Failure to select the correct D-Value to match your truck and trailer combination will result in excessive component wear.

Use the Couplemate™ D-Value sheet, or the form above, to ensure that the kN of this Pintle Hook correctly matches your tow vehicle and trailer.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions23 × 23 × 20 cm



Couplemate™ Trailer Parts

Torque Setting





Cast Iron Body, K1045 Steel Tow Ball


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