Pintle Safety Catch, Chain and Clip

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Pintle Safety Catch

A quality Pintle Safety catch is essential to engage when connecting a pintle hook. Safety Catches help prevent the coupling from accidentally disengaging.

Pintle Safety Chain and Clip is a safety feature on pintle hooks. The safety clip stops the head from lifting off the pintle hook allowing the tow coupling to come free or disengage from the tow vehicle.

Safety Feature

Imagine that you are driving at a speed of 70 mph and towing a trailer behind you. All of a sudden, you come across a big bump on the road, and the trailer gets unhitched. You can visualise the catastrophe that will follow after that on the highway.

If the hitches of a trailer are not secured properly, they can lead to significant accidents. That is precisely where the requirement of safety chains comes into the picture.

The function of a safety chain is to keep the trailer and the towing vehicle connected in case they get disconnected somehow. It is not only a good practice to use safety chains but also required by the law in all states. Federal regulations in all States mandate safety chains must be applied while towing.

Thus, a safety chain functions as a backup when your tow vehicle disconnects from your trailer. In other words, safety chains help to conduct safe towing.

CM505 is a Pintle Safety Catch from the makers of Couplemate. This is an excellent safety chain to use when you connect it to a pintle hook. The reason is that they help in preventing accidental disengaging of the ring couple while a tow vehicle and the trailer are moving on rough road conditions. This product is a must-have for 4WD’s and Recreational vehicles while towing on, particularly in adverse road conditions.

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When you invest in CM505, which is a quality safety catch, you can save a lot of bucks by preventing incidents of damage that can be caused by caravans and trailers that might have got disengaged while being towed on in remote localities and on rugged tracks.

  • Ensure that your safety catch is installed as it may otherwise become loose and lead to disastrous outcomes.
  • Make sure that there is a proper engagement of your safety catch soon after the completion of the connection process.
  • Caters to 99 per cent of the pintle hooks that are available in the market.

D -Value for Pintle Hooks

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