Pintle Adaptor Suit Ringfeder

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High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin - Long

Brand: Couplemate

Enjoy the added security and confidence of knowing that your hitch is firmly secured.

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Pintle Towbar Ringfeder Adaptor or Orlandi Ring Coupling

Pintle towbar Ringfeder adaptor bracket is 50mm square with 16mm pin holes drilled in all mounting sides. 120mm x 55mm hole pattern.

Suits Ringfeder and Orlandi pintle 4,500kg pintle hook attachments.

Note 1: Robotic Welding. Note 2: Beware of hollow receiver arms.

The problem with the receiver’s tow arms is the rattle. Rattles are constant and annoying when driving on long trips.

This receiver pin below significantly reduces rattle because it is not only oversized by lockable with a nylock. Standard hitch pins are 16mm and rattle.

The high tensile bolt is 16.5mm and rated at 6000kg.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 40 cm


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