6t Pintle Hook Receiver Arm

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6t pintle hook receiver arm for inserting directly into your tow vehicle.

  • 6t pintle hook receiver insert allows towing larger trailers up to 5t
  • Commonly used on earth-moving vehicles and wood chippers
  • 5/8″ or 16mm hitch pin is not provided. The image below is our new high tensile 6t receiver pin. The tight fit helps eliminate rattle.
  • Note1: Be sure to look at your tow bar rating before usage
  • Note2: Exercise care when reversing at acute angles. Breakages can occur at 90 degrees or more.

The 50mm square receiver arm is the limit of this range of receiver arm pintle hooks. Couplemate Trailer Parts has designed, tested and manufactured this coupling.

The 50mm tow bar receiver is fantastic for inserting and then replacing back to a tow ball version when required.

important towing safety information

  • Check the 4 mounting bolts are tight.
  • Check for wear and tear on the ring coupling and the coupling attachment bolts.
  • Ensure the trailer is level with the tow vehicle when the coupling is connected.
  • Check the safety pin for wear and tear. If worn, replace immediately.
  • Double-check the safety pin is engaged to lock the horn into the body of the coupling. A loose or worn safety pin will cause the towing connection to disconnect.

Question: Is your 50mm tow hitch rattling?

Answer: The solution is a high tensile pin. 

There are many truck and trailer merchants around asking; how on earth did you damage your pintle hook?

“Well, I installed your ring coupling equipment following your instructions, and within one month this equipment is ruined and likely to cause an accident”.

Unless you know your trailer, there are many answers, all of which are pointing towards the customer. However, it is not the customer’s fault his equipment is not working as it should.

6t Receiver Hitch Pin ClassV

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6t Pintle Hook Receiver Arm

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 6t Pintle Hook Receiver Arm and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

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