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Truck Pintle Hooks – 49kN to 84kN (10t to 16.5t)

Couplemate truck pintle hook ratings are from 49kN to 84kN, with all the required ADR certification details on your invoice.

An example of a rating is a 10-t trailer towed by a 10-truck; the D-value is 49kn. (Refer to the table below for the calculation of your towing combination.)

Another example is a 20-ton truck that can tow a 6-ton trailer; the D-Value is 45kN. The table below shows variable towing capacities.

What is the new Australian RVS Legislation?

Road vehicle regulation in Australia started a new era on 1 July 2021.

Read more about the new laws here.

What weight can a pintle hook-carry?

2 forces are acting on a pintle hook; they are

  • The horizontal force of towing a trailer is known as D-Value.
  • The downward vertical force on the trailer on the tow bar is known as the S-Value

Important: Select the correct pintle hitch for your truck from our calculator below. 

CTA Road Vehicle Component Type Approval

This component is approved under section 177 of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019 and fully complies with the applicable national road vehicle standards.

CTA Approval is available for download upon purchase. Vehicle inspectors may want to see this certificate for registration and certifications. Read more on CTAs here.

How Does a Pintle Hook Work?

  • Attain Trailer Weight
  • Attain Truck GVM
  • Select the correct D-value from the chart below
  • Install the Pintle Hook into the 85mm x 45mm hole spacings.
  • Failure to select the correct D-Value to match your truck/trailer combination will result in excessive component wear.

Attach couplings to a tow bar or directly to the truck chassis via standard mounts (85mm x 45mm).

Couplemate assures purchasers that pintle hooks and other towing equipment are rigorously engineered and tested to the National Australian Vehicle Standards.

Standard American Equipment (SAE) does not satisfy Australian Standard testing requirements.

The Couplemate unique Gold Head is a great indicator the pintle attachment is appropriately tested and certified.


  • CM502 – D-Value 49kN (10t) – CTA 045738
  • CM504 – D-Value 84kN (16.5t) – CTA 045955

D -Value for Pintle Hooks

The towing capacity of pintle hitches has long been a mystery to me when selecting the proper pintle hitch.

Towing capacity for Pintle Hooks is critical when selecting the correct pintle hook because the towing capacity changes depending on your truck and trailer weight.

Mismatched towing components wear and break prematurely.

Purchase similar Truck Pintle Hooks, Adaptors and Rings

Finally, the hitch rating is a force measurement due to dynamic testing (2,000,000 cycles at full load) where maximum pressure is applied to the pintle hitch. In the case of a Couplemate 10t pintle hook pintle ring on the right-hand side image, the “D-Value” is 49kN.

Additional information

Pintle Hook D-Value

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