Truck Pintle Hooks – 49kN to 84kN

Truck Pintle Hooks – 49kN to 84kN

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Truck Pintle Hooks - 49kN to 84kN

Couplemate truck pintle hooks are rated from 49kN to 84kN with all the required A.D.R. certification details on your invoice.

Attach couplings to a tow bar or directly to the truck chassis via standard mounts (85mm x 45mm).

Couplemate assures purchasers that pintle hooks and other towing equipment are rigorously engineered and tested to the Australian D.O.T. standards.

Standard American Equipment (S.A.E.) do not satisfy Australian Standard testing requirements.

Important: Select the correct pintle hitch from our calculator below. 

The Gold Head is a great indicator the pintle attachment has been appropriately tested and certified.


  • CM502 - D-Value 49kN - CRN45738
  • CM504 - D-Value 84kN - CRN45955

D -Value for Pintle Hooks

When selecting the proper pintle hitch, the towing capacity for pintle hitches has long been a mystery for mank.

Towing capacity for Pintle Hooks is critical when selecting the correct pintle hook because depending on your truck and trailer weight, the towing capacity is changing.

Mismatched towing components wear and break prematurely.

The manufacturer states he does not have a D_Value. (in this case, you cannot use this pintle hook on a public road). Further, D-Value without a C.R.N. number is an unregistered or uncertified D_Value. ADR62/02 regulations determine product safety.

Minimum towing requirements

D Value and, in some instances, V-Value tests must be satisfactorily completed. V-value is the vertical towing maximum capacity.

You also may wish to choose a ring coupling to install on your trailer. Ring couplings fall into the same calculation equation. Couplemate tested the 3″ ring coupling above to 49kN.

Finally, the hitch rating is a force measurement due to dynamic testing (2,000,000 cycles at full load) where maximum pressure is applied to the pintle hitch. In the case of a Couplemate 10t pintle hook pintle ring on the right-hand side image, the "D-Value" is 49kN.

Truck Pintle Hooks - 49kN to 84kN

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