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Towing Eyes and Couplings

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Tow Couplings & Eyes

A variety of pintle truck hooks and trailer ring couplings are available from fixed to swivel couplings.

Importantly, the rated D-Value is used to select the correct sized ring coupling.

Disastrous results occur when rigs are unbalanced. We do not recommend DIY techniques when owners are balancing their rigs.

Towing rings become quickly worn through incorrect weight distribution on the trailer. Excessive downforce causes excessive wear, therefore, V-Value is an important factor.

The V-Value for a tandem trailer should be in the vicinity of 6 to 7% and 10% for single axle trailers.

Significant damage occurs to both connected devices, as a result, when excessive weight is added to downward force (V-Value). As a result, the life of the product is shortened.

How to measure Ring Coupling head weight?

Drive your truck and trailer onto a weighbridge and measure the weight.

Disconnect the trailer and measure the weight.

Measure the difference in the coupling head weight using this device.

Finally, accidental wrong location of an excavator will result in severe equipment wear.