75mm x 2t Ring Override Coupling


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75mm x 2t Ring Override Coupling – 75mm, 3-inch Hole, 41mm wide ring

75mm x 2t ring override coupling suits all types of Pintle Hooks.

  • The width of the override ring is 40mm
  • 4 Hole spacings 184mm x 54m x 1/2 inch
  • This Ring Coupling has a 360-degree rotation

Use pintle hooks when connecting a 75mm ring coupling on the tow vehicle.

75mm x 2t Ring couplings provide greater flexibility over ball couplings and are less likely to disengage over rough or uneven terrain.

75mm ring couplings with a greater capacity than 2t are used as towing hooks on trailers up to 40t. The limiting factor in this override pintle coupling is the spring within the housing. This sprin\g limits the load to 2t.

Limit Rotation when Reversing

Drivers should also be aware of the opportunity jackknife reversing on an angle. Quite often the driver will be unaware of a jackknife event is occurring at very low speeds.

Importantly, take care when reversing as the uneven ground can cause the coupling to twist and bend the pintle hook head.

As a result, of reversing on sharp angles (Jackknifing), the shaft on the ring coupling will bend.

Hairline Fractures

We have found during jackknife events couplings do not instantly break. However, hairline cracks develop over time and compound until separation occurs.

The event will be relatively minor and seem insignificant. The truth is, cumulative fractures over time have finally caused a separation. Separation is evidenced by rust marks in the bare metal.

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Driver Education


Driver education is the key to safe motoring. Vehicle and trailer inspection is a must before driving, especially high-wearing components.

Where signs of wear and tear is discovered, report it to your immediate supervisor and/or log the event for your own protection..

List of available ring couplings and towing eyes:

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