DO65 6t Ring Coupling Mount

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DO65 6t Pintle Ring Coupling Mount by ensures a silent, rigid connection

DO65 6t pintle ring coupling Mount by Cruismaster ensures a silent rigid connection between trailer and vehicle. I have certified this 75mm ring coupling.

The Cruisemaster™ DO65 shown with optional Mounting Bracket and Pintle Ring (available separately).

DO65 6t Ring Coupling Mount

Silent DO65 6t Ring Coupling Mount – Purchase the 49kN ring coupling here.

The mount offers longer life and quiet operation for your trailer than the standard NATO ring coupling and pintle hook. The key to this ingenious design is to separate the ball movement from the coupling.

Unlike the standard pintle hook arrangement, there is no play between the two allowing for quiet operation.

Also, the coupling does not bind up when reversing in tight situations.

This coupling (CM255) has a D-Value of 49kN (6T) and allows quiet operation in conjunction with a 75mm mount. Please note: The DO65 Pintle Hook Adaptor Plate and the Pintle Ring is sold separately.

Like all Cruisemaster ™ products, the coupling range is designed and tested to perform under Australian Conditions. Each year, Cruisemaster™ vigorously remote area test new coupling designs and features with highly sophisticated Motec Data logging technology. This technology includes temperature sensors, G-force sensors, height sensors & comprehensive GPS tracking software.

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