75mm Pintle Ring Coupling | 49kN

75mm Pintle Ring Coupling | 49kN


Tow Capacity: 6.0t (6000kg)Australian Made and Owned.
ADR Approved: CTA-045953
D-Value: 49kN

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

Complete Towing Bundle

Combination Pintle Hook Receiver

Why should you get a Combination Pintle Hook? 

Adaptable Towing: 6.0t Ring, 3.5t Ball
Easy Installation: Simply Insert and Tow.
Australian Design: 50mm x 50mm Tow Bar.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

Pintle Tow Ball Protector | Genuine Couplemate Pintle Hooks

Why should you get a Pintle Tow Ball Protector? Australian Made and Owned.

✓ Minimises abrupt jerking motion of your trailer.
Increases tow ball lifespan.
Reduces noise.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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75mm Pintle Ring Coupling | 6000kg

Australian-Made and ADR Approved. The Couplemate™ 75mm Pintle Ring Coupling for heavy-duty towing. Rated for 6000kg (6.0t) with a 47.5 kN D-Value for trucks.

The CM255 Ring Coupling is a key part of the Couplemate™ Core towing range. As a popular and reliable choice, this coupling can be found on trailers Australia-wide.

With a 75mm (3") internal diameter, the Couplemate™ Pintle Ring suits a variety of Pintle Hooks. When towing with Combination-type Pintle Hooks, Couplemate™ recommends using a Tow Ball Protector to increase product lifespan and reduce noise.

The component is powder-coated to provide superior corrosion resistance.  The CM255 Pintle Hook Ring Coupling requires four M16 high-tensile bolts to attach to the trailer drawbar (not included).

With a complete 12-month warranty, you can feel confident towing all around Australia. For more information on our warranty policy, read it online here.

Product Specifications

  • SKU: CM255
  • Towing Capacity: 6000kg (6.0t)
  • D-Value: 49kN
  • Hole Spacings: 180mm x 52mm
  • Australian Design Rules ADRs

View the full Engineering drawing by clicking here.

Difference between Pintle Ring vs Tow Eye

What is the difference between a Pintle Ring and a Tow Eye? This is a question we often get asked.

Both components mount onto the trailer drawbar and have a toroidal-shaped hole that connects to the tow vehicle.

Pintle Rings are far more common on the Australian market and often seen in conjunction with Pintle Hooks. Tow Eyes, on the other hand, are used with Ringfeders or Orlandi couplings; commonly seen on large tow trucks.

ADR Approved Pintle Ring Coupling

The CM255 Fixed Pintle Hook Ring Coupling falls under ADR 62 and has been granted a Component Type Approval (CTA-045953).

Buying a product with a CTA number assures customers that the product has been developed, tested, and presented to the market with no development or manufacturing corners cut. In a sense, a CTA assigns pedigree to a component, providing a testament of quality.

When you purchase from Couplemate™, there will be CTA-related documents will be available for you to download. As vehicle inspectors may want these certifications, all downloads are kept in your online Couplemate™ account.

To access these, go to: My Account → Downloads.

D-Values for Tow Trucks

The D-Value is a crucial metric that assesses the horizontal force-handling capability of a truck and trailer combination.

For example, if you have a GVM of 8500kg and an ATM of 4500kg, the minimum D-Value required is 29kN.

You can work out your D-Value using the calculator below or download our D-Value Guide.

For more information on D-Values, read our technical guide here.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 8 cm

Black Powder Coated


Ductile Iron (AS1831-500/7)

ADR Approval


Bolt Size


Hole Spacings

180mm x 52mm

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