Safety Chains | Hammerlocks

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  • 13mm Zinc Safety Chain Holder

    Safety Chain Holder to 3.5t

    $16.77$24.47 inc GST
  • Hammerlock | Galvanised Safety Chain

    Hammerlock to suit Galvanised Safety Chain

    $16.10$27.65 inc GST
  • 10mm Safety Chain and Holder

    Safety Chain With Hammerlock And Holder – Trailer Side

    $45.20$163.50 inc GST
  • Rated Galvanised Safety Chain

    Galvanised Safety Chain – 64cm Long

    $18.20$22.90 inc GST
  • Sale!
    Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder

    Safety Chain Holder | Truck | Trailer

    $162.28$378.00 inc GST
  • Safety Chain - Herc Alloy

    Safety Chain – Herc Alloy 7.2t to 30t

    $28.68$154.85 inc GST
  • Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder Kit

    Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder Kit inc Herc Alloy Chains

    $283.48$634.00 inc GST

Safety Chains are mandatory requirements on all trailers under 3.5t. Your dee shackles must be stamped to prove compatibility with your safety chain.

As a result, trailer parts suppliers prefer to carry rated dee shackles over the older galvanised dee shackle.

Every four links of the safety chain must be stamped with its rating at least every four links. Older trailers than 2009 need not comply with this requirement.

The chain must not be welded vertically to the chassis rail. Multiple shackles are not permitted.

Further, if the chain is too short, it is permissible to cut the first link near the weld and join the two links with a hammerlock.
Safety Chains and Hammerlocks

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