Towbar Harness, Electrical Looms

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Towbar Harness | Electrical Looms | Universal ECU

A Towbar Harness or an ECU electrically connect the vehicle to a trailer.

Inspect the existing loom connections before inserting into the electrical system. Packaging items such as paper or styrofoam in the new loom may inhibit proper connection.

Electrical looms include relays and cabling in most prewired loom kits.

Note: Loom kits have no provision for electric brakes on trailers. This is because brake controllers are independent of the vehicle computer.

ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mentioned above, is our most popular item. This electronic unit incorporates built-in relays that supplies an independent 12v supply form the battery to lights and lamps as required.

When using the ECU there are no car alarms generated by the vehicle computer, due to the independence of this device from the car circuitry.

When connecting the ECU, installers will provide cabling, solder joints or provide auto clamp connectors to join cabling.

Finally, the ECU has an audible alarm to alert installers to accidental connecting reverse polarity.