50mm Tow Bar Receiver Hitch


Secure Your Hitch

Lockable Tow Bar Hitch Pin

✓ Helps prevent trailer/caravan hitch theft.
✓ Brass alloy locking mechanism with two security keys.
✓ 5/8" diameter to suit most Australian style tow bars.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™.

Stainless Tow Bar Anti-Rattle Shim Kit

Why should you install Anti-Rattle Hitch Shims? 

Minimises Tow Bar Rattle
Quick and Easy Installation
Made of Stainless Steel

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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50mm Tow Bar Receiver Hitch | Hollow RHS

This tow bar receiver hitch is designed to fit standard 50mm tow bars with a rating of up to 3,500kg and is compatible with 50mm x 50mm square steel box sections.

Important to note that Couplemate recommends using a solid cast receiver hitch for all off-road couplings (such as the DO35), as hollow receivers with welded tongues may deform in extreme off-road conditions or under shock loading events on highways.

Product Specifications

50mm Drop (Fabricated Short)

SKU: CM521-160

  • 3.5t Rating
  • Centre pin to the centre of the tow ball: 160mm
  • Back of the assembly to the centre pin: 80mm
  • Centre of the pin to the flange: 60mm

50mm Drop (Fabricated Long)

SKU: CM521-280

  • 3.5t Rating
  • Centre pin to the centre of the tow ball: 280mm
  • Back of the assembly to the centre pin: 80mm
  • Centre of the pin to the flange: 170mm

Purchase high shoulder tow balls here.

Before purchasing tow bar receivers, it’s important to ensure that your tow bar rating is appropriate for your trailer weight.

A solid 50mm towbar ball mount typically has a Class IV or 4t rating, depending on the grade of the tow bar. If your tow rating is 3.5t, then the tow bar receiver rating should also be 3.5t or lower.

The 50mm hitch receiver bar should be used in conjunction with the vehicle standard certification and the tow bar rating, whichever is lower.

Towbars are subjected to static load testing upon installation, and your tow bar installer will certify it according to Australian Standards.

It’s also important to inspect hitch pins and hitch pin clips for wear and tear at least once a year, as loose clips can fall out due to repetitive removal and re-insertion.

This tow bar receiver is suitable for towing boat trailers, horse floats, caravans, and trailers.

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