70mm Tow Ball x 2-inch Drop Tow Hitch Receiver


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What are the Benefits of the 70mm Tow Ball Hitch? 

Engineered in Australia
✓ Solid cast so it can be safely inverted.
Genuine Couplemate™ Product

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

105 in stock

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70mm Tow Ball Tow Hitch Receiver, 4500kg

Australian Made by Couplemate Trailer PartsA tow bar receiver hitch kit is a set of components that allow you to attach your trailer or caravan to your tow vehicle.

Couplemate™ 70mm Tow Ball Tow Hitch Receivers are made from Solid Cast Iron. Because of their robust material, Genuine Couplemate™ trailer hitches guarantee a strong connection strength between your trailer and tow vehicle.

Over time, cast steel products are superior to fabricated/welded products. Welded ball mounts and hollow receivers can distort under off-road conditions and shock-loading events on the highway. When inverted, hollow hitches are at a greater risk of deforming.

It can also be used with the Cruisemaster DO45 tow pin for versatility.

You can trust the quality and durability of our 70mm receiver hitches, which are expertly cast, machined, and tested in Australia.

2-inch Drop 70mm Towbar Receiver Product Specifications

  • Material: Cast Ductile Iron (500/7)
  • Maximum Capacity: 4.5t
  • Shank hole: 32mm
  • Does not come with a 70mm tow ball.

This product also suits shank size for 2 5/16″ Tow Balls (American size).

CM523 | 50mm Drop Measurements

Key measurements:

  • Total Length
    • 340mm
  • Centre Hole of the tow ball to the pin centre holes –
    • 206mm
    • 256mm
  • From the hitch pinhole to the drop
    • 65mm
    • 115mm

Please refer to the image above for more measurements.

How can I insert a 50mm tow ball?

Towing Disaster: 4.5t on a 3.5t Receiver70mm Towbar Receiver

You can use a Tow Ball Reducer Bush to take a 4.5t receiver to a 3.t receiver. However, you cannot go the opposite way.

The right image shows a well-known heavy-duty tow ball mount or tow bar tongue rated at 3.5t.

However, a welder has used an oxy torch to enlarge the hole size to 32mm to fit a 4.5t tow ball.

Using equipment that is fit for purpose and rated at the appropriate weight limit is essential.

Therefore, we replaced the broken equipment with new equipment rated at 4.5t to ensure safety on the road.

The image on the right is a well-known heavy-duty tow ball mount or towbar tongue.

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Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 10 cm


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