Tow Ball Weight Scales

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    Couplemate Tow Ball Weight Scale

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Tow Ball Scales

Tow ball scales measure the coupling weight a caravan loads onto the tow vehicle.

Stable towing starts with a well-balanced caravan.

Firstly, the caravan and tow vehicle must be on a level plain and connected.

The connection point may need to be lowered or raised to achieve level.

Secondly, the caravan coupling weight when applied to the caravan should be no more than 10% for perfect towing. (in most cases).

Tow ball scales provide the perfect tool to measure coupling weight when lowered onto the scale.

The result of the lowering is then compared to the trailer ATM.

The best results are

  • Single Axle – 7% empty to 10% full loaded
  • Tandem Axle – 5% Emply to 7% full loaded.