Pintle Hook Replacement Tow Ball 25mm x 52mm


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Pintle Tow Ball Protector | Genuine Couplemate Pintle Hooks

✓ Minimises abrupt shunt between trailer and tow vehicle.
Increases tow ball lifespan when towing with pintle rings.
Reduces annoying noises for a smooth tow.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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Pintle Hook Tow Ball Replacement for 50mm Combination Pintle Hitches (CM532 Early Model)

Pintle hook tow ball replacement for a 50mm combination pintle hook. Shank diameter can change depending on the type of pintle hook.

Couplemate Trailer Parts manufactures and tests the tow balls listed below.

The pushing RAM is on the left-hand side of the tow ball. The measuring sensor is on the right-hand side of the tow ball.

These tests ensure you are buying a tow ball that satisfies all Australian Safety Requirements.

Measure the diameter of the tow ball thread before buying a replacement.

Note: Not all pintle balls are the same. This model includes a 1/2″ nut to ensure enough thread to lock the tow ball into position.

Available replacement tow ball diameters are:

Pintle Hitch Testing

Heavy Duty Towball testing at Couplemate

The Australian Standard requires 3.5t tow balls to be tested with a horizontal force of 85kN or approximately 8.5t.

Pintle Hook balls are rated to 3500kg. Higher ratings for 4500kg pintle hooks are not available at this time. However, they may be available at some point in the future.

Also, review combination pintle hook ball protectors to prevent excessive wear and tear.

How to Break a 3.5t Tow Ball

This is an excellent example of what can occur for trucks over 5t using 50mm Pintle Combinations.

Reversing a truck onto the ring coupling is not as easy as it seems.

Trucks crashing ring coupling into the tow ball will cause the tow ball to break.

Reversing into the ball causes shock loading of more than 3.5t and, more likely, 8.5t or more excellent.

Tow balls do not break unless used at loadings over the rating or incur shock loading.

Pintle tow balls fit the pintle hook below

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