39mm Round Axles

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  • caravan axle

    39mm Round Axle

    $127.00$189.00 inc GST
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  • 39mm Round Axle Galvanised

    39mm Round Axle – Galvanised

    $171.60$280.50 inc GST
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  • lazy electrogal axle

    39mm Round Unbraked Lazy Axle

    $252.41$369.38 inc GST
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  • 39mm Round Galvanised Lazy

    39mm Round Galvanised Lazy Axle

    $303.30$415.73 inc GST
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39mm Round Axles

39mm Round Axles – Bare and Galvanised – Bare or Assembled with or without brakes and Rated to a maximum of 750kg with Standard Bearings.

Axles loaded with more than 750kg develop fatigue through the suspension system.

Standard holden bearings specifications are as follows

  • Outer ID 19.00m
  • Inner ID 31.75mm

Galvanised axles are cut to length then turned to the desired profile in a CNC Lathe.

Axle steel retains its rating during the galvanising process.

Fresh bearing profiles are cut into the galvanised axle to produce the perfect finish customers expect.

Couplemate does not recommend axles longer than 2100mm in this configuration.