Trailer Axle Parts

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  • Trailer Axle Nut Kit

    Trailer Axle Nut Kit

    $1.45$33.60 inc GST
  • Pre-Load Axle Washer

    1″ Pre-Load Axle Washer

    $8.38 inc GST
  • Al-ko castellated Axle Nut 2t 14tpi parallel

    Al-ko Castellated Axle Nut | 14TPI

    $9.48$38.40 inc GST
  • Dexter Axle E-Z replacement kit

    Dexter® Axle E-Z Lube Retainer Kit

    $41.45$46.75 inc GST
  • 2t Marine Axle Collar

    2t Marine Axle Collar 50mm ID

    $23.40 inc GST
  • 45mm square hydraulic anchor plate

    Hydraulic Caliper Anchor Plate

    $21.55$52.84 inc GST
  • 45mm Square Mechanical Caliper Mount Plate

    Mechanical Caliper Anchor Plate

    $15.60$36.86 inc GST
  • 32mm drop axle plate

    Axle Drop Plates 32mm thickness

    $35.87$116.42 inc GST
  • Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring

    Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring

    $6.35$10.50 inc GST

Trailer Spares for Australian and Dexter Axles and Galvanised Equipment

Axle spare parts for your trailer or caravan can be difficult to locate. Couplemate is a manufacturer of axles and as a result, has ample supplies of most axle accessories.

Dexter® and Al-ko® parts include castellated nuts, 12tpi, 14tpi and 16tpi.

American Dexter axle E-Z Lube retainer kits have just arrived.

Couplemate has every part needed for axles and their attachments like weld rings, caliper mount plates and axle pads.

TIP: Axle pads locate the spring centre bolt over the centre of the axle. It is essential these pads are welded into position.

The big question is, do you carry spare bearings, grease and axle parts for an emergency?

Finally, it is a good idea to carry spare parts, especially when changing bearings in a remote location.