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Axle Galvanised

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  • 39mm Round Axle Galvanised

    39mm Round Axle – Galvanised

    $171.60$226.09 inc GST
  • 40mm square axle galvanised

    40mm Square Galvanised Axle

    $210.02$302.88 inc GST
  • 45mm round axle galvanised

    45mm Round Galvanised Axle

    $203.33$308.34 inc GST
  • 45mm square axle galvanised

    45mm Square Axle – Galvanised

    $263.22$398.33 inc GST
  • 50mm square axle galvanised

    50mm Square Galvanised Axle

    $384.93$422.52 inc GST
  • 60mm Round Galvanised Axle

    60mm Round Galvanised Axle

    $521.82 inc GST

Galvanised Marine Axle

Galvanised Marine Axle is custom-designed to exactly match the specifications of your boat trailer and made to resist rusting at our moisture-laden coastline.

At Couplemate, we can help you with the spare parts you need for your boat and jet ski trailer. We make our galvanized marine axles (Australian-made) to order; these axles are especially popular in Queensland.

These include 39mm Round, 45mm Round, 45mm square, and 50mm square axles for single and tandem axle trailers. We also offer a variety of quality galvanised boat trailers parts and spares

Australian Quality Galvanised Marine Axle

Couplemate cuts Australian-made axle steel and then send the axle off to the galvanisers. We turn all axles on-site in our automated CNC Lathes before commencing assembly work on each axle.

Once assembled, each axle is guaranteed for life against faulty workmanship.

We weld caliper anchor plates on after the hot-dipped galvanising process, never before. Then, we apply a cold gel while the axle is still hot from welding.

Technicians then press bearings into place using a 30t electric hydraulic press, to ensure that these are pressed home. Once they’ve installed the seals, they send your disc rotor to the automatic greasing machine. Here, the machine fills it with high speed, high-temperature grease.

Every axle at our workshop goes through the same process to eliminate errors. We also manufacture rust-free, galvanised marine axle kits for trailers up to 4.5t. Commercial fishermen mostly go for our larger marine kits, as they generally require a strong setup.

What is the difference between hot-dipped galvanising and ElectroGal®

Couplemate sells only the best-galvanised trailer axles Australia wide. In particular, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.