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Mechanical Drum Brakes

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Mechanical Override Brakes

9″ Mechanical Drum Brakes on 40mm Square and 45mm square Axles.

A 2t override coupling activates them.

Mechanical drum brake axle ratings are 1450kg for a single axle or 2000kg for a tandem axle setup.

Axle ratings as follows

40mm and 45mm Axles are ideal for override trailers up to 200cm or 2 meters. Axle flex occurs in longer axles. Axle flex, in turn, causes vibration fatigue.

Video: Vibration Fatigue in Caravans and Boat Trailers.

Trailers that are wider than 2 meters use 45mm Square axles. Stronger axles carry their load better and as such do not suffer axle fatigue.

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