Disc Brake Axle Kits

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Disc Brake Axle Kits | Great prices, quality, Australian made

Couplemate manufacturer and ship disc braked axle kits and galvanised disc braked axles.

Further, complete kits include rocker roller springs, shackle tandem kits or slipper suspension.

Mechanical and Hydraulic braked kits for axles sizes up to 2t.

Our speciality is hydraulic axle kits up to 4.5t for boat trailers. Al-ko and Trojan are our preferred brands.

Galvanised mechanical disc brakes are used on all boat trailers over 750kg and up to 2t. Mechanically braked axles all use the Al-ko mechanical caliper.

Finally, we use galvanised or dacromet hydraulic disc brakes on all boat suspensions builds over 2t and up to 4.5t.