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Drop Beam Axles and Overlay Axles

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  • 50mm Square Gullwing 2t

    50mm Square Gullwing 2t Hydraulic Braked Axle

    $1,956.57 inc GST
  • 50mm Square overlay Hydraulic

    50mm Square 2t Hydraulic Disc Brake Overlay Axle

    $1,139.16$1,140.95 inc GST
  • Square Overlay Axle

    45mm – 50mm Square Overlay Axle

    $282.94$2,489.40 inc GST
  • 50mm Square Overlay Axle

    50mm Square Overlay Axle Parallel

    $360.44 inc GST
  • 50mm overlay 2t axle

    50mm Square Overlay Axle 2t – Galvanised

    $481.81 inc GST

Drop Beam Axles and Overlay Axles

Drop axles and overlay axles lower horse floats, boats and car trailers.

A drop axle or overlay axle will lower a caravan by 40mm to 100mm depending on the beam steel used. We do not recommend a lower drop axle than 100mm.

The video below compares a standard axle with a drop axle trailer installation.

Couplemate uses 32mm drop plates. Drop plates can be purchased here.

Lowering the centre of gravity makes for safer braking, safer cornering allowing to reach your destination more refreshed.

Horses, cars and boats on trailers lift the centre of gravity and adding risk to towing.

Box trailers carrying sand and gravel all have a high centre of gravity. As a result, slower cornering and braking lengthens a journey.

Overlay axles on trailers over 750kg perform the above tasks perform better.