Aussie Swag Camper Stub Axle

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Couplemate axles are guaranteed for life against faulty workmanship.

How an axle is machined determines how well the bearings wear. Bearing journals require smooth, accurate surfaces to ensure long bearing life.

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Aussie Swag Camper Axle to suit 2t x 60mm Round Stub Axle or Parallel Axles. This stub axle fits independent trailing arm suspension.

Sadly Aussie Swag Camper closed their doors in February 2018. More information here.

The good news is, the Aussie Swag camper was so well built, it appreciates in value yearly.

AussieSwag Ultra camper trailer was a quality built camper; however, due to extra gear carried these days, it is necessary to upgrade the stub axle.

Installation Procedure

  • Jackup the entire trailer and place it on four jack stands.
  • Carefully remove the drum for re-use later.
  • Unbolt the electric backing plate.
  • Unbolt the four bolts that prevent the stub axle from spinning.
  • Remove the rear nut on the stub axle.
  • Lastly, knock out the stub axle.
  • Installing the new stub axle is the reverse of the removal procedure.
  • Please note, if you are unsure of the technique used to replace this stub axle, ask your local caravan bloke for a price to remove and install.

Bearing Profile

Stub insert is 50mm

Some owners have wanted to upgrade from slimline or parallel to 2t. Some owners have replaced their stubs and keep a spare.

Surprisingly, owners talk to us weekly about upgrades. Very simple, but we do need a few measurements like the length between machine sections and the length of the stub insert.

If it is too hard, talk to our experts on 07 33483822, and we’ll help you through it.

Couplemate were the manufacturers of this stub for Aussie Swag.

Aussie Swag Camper Stub Axle

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Weight 8.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 15 × 15 cm


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