45mm Round Galvanised Axle


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45mm Round Axle Galvanised

45mm round axle galvanised is rated at 1450kg on slimline bearings and 1600kg on parallel bearings and suited to single axle boat trailers

Measure your axle length from tip to tip or from hub face to hub face. Axles are supplied with a nut, washer, and split pin.

Couplemate support the australian made campaignSlimline Bearing Sizes

Heavy loads on light axles create what we call axle flex. Axle flex results in vibration at high speeds. This vibration occurs in the middle of the axle.

The result of axle flex is premature aging of the trailer spring and trailer vibration at high speeds.

When should I replace my galvanised axle?

Replace your 45mm round galvanised axle with a 45mm Square Axle if it is bending in the middle by more than 10mm. Place a straight edge along your existing axle to measure axle fatigue.

Round trailer axles up to 1800mm in slimline or parallel configurations are ideal for trailer weights up to 1450kg. The 45mm round axle may start to flex at full load over 1800mm long, causing axle fatigue.

Video: Vibration Fatigue in Caravans and Boat Trailers

Wider trailers require square axles for the best suspension performance.

Caravan axles and their maximum rating.

Additional information

Weight70 kg
Dimensions240 × 50 × 50 cm
Tip to Tip Length

1500mm Long, 1525mm Long, 1550mm Long, 1575mm Long, 1600mm Long, 1625mm Long, 1650mm Long, 1675mm Long, 1700mm Long, 1725mm Long, 1750mm Long, 1775mm Long, 1800mm Long, 1825mm Long, 1850mm Long, 1875mm Long, 1900mm Long, 1925mm Long, 1950mm Long, 1975mm Long, 2000mm Long, 2025mm Long, 2050mm Long, 2075mm Long, 2100mm Long, 2125mm Long, 2150mm Long, 2175mm Long, 2200mm Long, 2225mm Long, 2250mm Long, 2275mm Long, 2300mm Long, 2325mm Long, 2350mm Long, 2375mm Long, 2400mm Long, 2425mm Long, 2450mm Long, 2475mm Long


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