2t Marine Axle Collar 50mm ID


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2t Marine Axle Collar to suit 50mm and larger Axles

2t marine axle collar suits 50mm axles with 2t or 3t Al-ko standard or marine bearing sets.

The Al-ko 2t bearing kit seal is also installed onto a 65mm Round or 63mm Square axle. These axles have a seal profile greater than 60.3mm.

However, a 50mm square axle requires a bearing seal collar. Axle collars are not required on axles larger than 65mm.

Seal Specifications

  • ID – 50mm
  • OD – 60.3mm

Collar seals should always be a tight fit however, it is a great idea to locktite the marine collar into position.

The raised edge on the collar is to retain the Marine seal within the confines of the metal ring insert.


Apply grease on the seal journal before installation. Grease prevents burning rubber on the lips of the seal as a result, better performance is assured. If installing a marine seal onto this collar, inspect the lips of the seal for an adequate grease covering.

Purchase bearing kits here.

Further, marine seals should be liberally lubricated with grease before insertion into the metal outer ring.

Finally, watch the video on how to correctly install a marine seal onto a 50mm axle.

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